The Millennial Mindset

The Millennial Mindset
February 27, 2017 Grey Pocket

The millennial generation (people born from around 1983 – 2000) is a hot topic. There are streams of infographics, talks and information branding millennials as lazy, entitled and self-obsessed. As the pioneers of the digital age and the era of the selfie, it’s not hard to see how these stereotypes have stuck. But, for Grey Pocket – a company made up entirely of millennials, we happen to disagree. 

The company is owned by two millennials and every single one of its employees also fit into this category. To further disprove the stereotype that all millennials feel entitled, Grey Pocket is entirely self-funded, without any outside influences, not crowd funded, not bootstrapped, and certainly no loan from the ‘bank of mum and dad’.

It’s natural for older generations to critique younger generations; there’s always going to be changes that different generations aren’t used to, or ideologies that they see aswrong. But, lately there has been a wide range of negative press about the millennial mindset and how it adversely affects businesses, so this blog post is all about the positives of hiring millennials and working with us. 


Why hire a millennial? 


1. We thrive on independence

People in our team can manage their own workload. This isn’t something unique to millennials, but it’s certainly more prevalent. We don’t like to be micromanaged, nor do we micromanage. Trust is a key factor in the workplace, and we like to feel valued for our ideas. Additionally to that, we’re the first generation to grow up with social media and whilst that has its detriments, it’s impossible, as a company, to avoid being on social media – so use our innate knowledge to your advantage. 


2. We’re not just in it for the money

Work/life balance is very important to us. Grey Pocket offer perks like having your Birthday off, flexible working hours, emergency days and two weeks off over Christmas and New Year that isn’t included within your annual leave. Without a rigid set of rules and ideologies, people feel comfortable to express themselves; this is quite often when the magic happens. Millennials want more from life than money, they want to feel fulfilled in their jobs and if they do, they’re way more likely to go above and beyond for a company. We’re not afraid of working late or working at the weekends; if we’re happy, there are no limits to how far we’ll go for the greater good of the company. 


3. Flexibility

One of the reasons people feel negatively towards millennials is because they don’t like a rigid 9-5 and they lose interest quickly if they’re not given the freedom to work from wherever. But, there is an upside to this. Just like point two, if your staff are happy with the amount of flexibility they’re given, they’re likely to be flexible in return. Need changes to a presentation at 10pm at night? No problem. 


4. They ask ‘why’? 

If the future of your business is important to you, the best thing you can do is answer the ‘why’ questions in as much detail as possible, because millennials are the future of your business. They aren’t trying to be difficult when they ask ‘why?’ they ask because they genuinely want to know how and why it effects the business. The days of replying to that question with ‘because I’m your boss, that’s why’ are well and truly over, and so they should be, because getting the best out of your employees is about collaboration, not dictatorship. 


5. They work for companies that stand for something

Millennials will always stand for something; they’ll have passions and drives. Most millennials will not settle for jobs for the sake of money and security. If your company has a clear vision and a solid direction, we’re happy to embody that. Millennials are much more likely to boldly follow their passions that other generations were, so chances are, if they’re looking to work with you, it’s for good reason. 

When we were younger, people avoided working for start-ups because it didn’t offer them the security they needed. Nowadays, 71% of millennials questioned in The Millennial Mindset research claimed working for a start-up was appealing to them. Similarly, Deloitte’s 2016 Global Millennial Survey found that 91% of millennials surveyed preferred a mentoring structure to an annual review; again, highlighting the millennial’s eagerness to learn. 

This blog post should highlight just some of the ways that millennials can positively impact a workspace. Of course, there are negatives and there are anomalies, just like you’ll find in every generation, but if you’re looking for creativity, they’re a great addition to your team.